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Re: Arranging poems on pages???

There are three basic arrangements for poetry (or prose) on a page (or any
other surface):
1) Flush Left: where all lines start at the left margin
2) Flush Right: where all lines end at the right margin
3) Centred: where all lines are centred by length

There are several variations including Asymetric where all lines start at
apparently random and different distances from the left margin. Another
variation (and I don't know if it has a name) is sometimes used in rhyming
poetry where, in an a, b, a, b, scheme for example, the a lines start flush
left and the b lines are indented by some consistent amount (such as 1/4

Any decent book on calligraphic or typographic layout will give you more
details, and Clifford Burke's _Printing Poetry_ is probably the most
specific reference.

Determining the margins (to say nothing of the size of lettering) is a
whole other question and has been the subject of numerous books and
articles. It is, I think, too great a topic to go into here. If it was
easy, we'd all be great book designers ;-)

Have fun,

Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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