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Re: Letterpress

Dear Nicholas,

The info that you wrote to Jacqueline about the photo-polymer plates was
really excellent!!!  What a great explanation of how to begin a large project
as a beginner.

I learned how to make pictures on copper, etc., and how to use a press to
print them.  Now I am (actually jumping up and down) because I can learn to
use an etching press to print letters!!!!!  I will receive my 15 x 30 Conrad
etching press at the end of the month!!!  (watchout!)  (I will be in
bookdesign/binding/artmaking heaven!)

Anyway, one of the people whom I have found who teaches how to make polymer
plates is Dan Welden who lives in Sag Harbor, NY.  He is teaching at the
Flatbed Press in Austin, TX, on March 13.  However, he also teaches in the
summer at the Art Barge, June 22-26 at the Victor D'Amico Art Institute
(516-267-3172).  I am planning/hoping on taking the summer course! as well as
one in July at the Saltwinds Yankee Barn in MA.  This course, taught by Pat
Baldwin, teaches making editions!

I am very new at letterpress and feel like a childhood dream has miraculously
come true!  (I love and collect, when I can, rare and old books--they are
luscious in many ways). Thus, I really appreciate the time that you took to
explain the process so completely.  jansapp@xxxxxxx

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