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Re: Arranging poems on pages???

Keith Smith makes a big deal of this in his slim volume about Text and the
Artist's Book, comparing two printed different editions of a poem.

Agree with you, Charles, it is the author who needs to determine if the
design meets the author's intent.  In the case of poetry it would seem more
important that the author's intent comes across than it be "right".

The writing of the word and the presentation of the word are two different
arts, some have learned to do both well.

-Karen from Atlanta

On Fri, 20 Feb 1998, charles alexander wrote:

> And I think what is particularly important is the last bit here, that it is
> the "authors" who have done these imaginative things. Many design decisions
> in a poem, sometimes all of them, are made in the act of writing and
> editing, and while a designer may indeed translate such notation into a
> typography, the typography absolutely has to honor the authorial intent.

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