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Mutilated Library Books

Date:          Thu, 19 Feb 1998 16:39:49 -0400
To:            "Museum Security Mailinglist" <securma@xxxxxxxxx
From:          Rick Allen <fallen@xxxxxxxxx
Subject:       Mutilated Library Books
I received this message from a Campus Police Listserver - Rick

Subject:      Mutilated Library Books
To: UNIVPD-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We are investigating several incidents of vandalism concerning
library books.  Pictures are being cut from the pages while the
books remain in the library.  These incidents are occurring at
several of our libraries on campus and a few other libraries in
central Ohio.  The pictures being removed involve young children,
predominately male, in various stages of nudity.  Some of the images
are from art-related books, while others are from medical books.
Anyone working similar incidents please contact me.

Det. Rick Amweg
Ohio State University
Police Department
901 Woody Hayes Drive
Columbus, OH  43210

Sgt. Rick Allen
Emory Police Department.
1784 North Decatur Road
Atlanta, GA.  30322-0550
404-727-8039 Fax
The Museum Security Network
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