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Learning & sharing

Thanks for the comments. I'm such an unteachable fool that I have to learn
everything the hard way. So I'm glad my comments were useful to you. It
sounds like you're getting heaven sent to you one craft at a time;
Do you do calligraphy? I'm going to take a "real" etching class and learn
the right way to do it as opposed to my bubba technology methods. I love
making letters - and I'm having fun reproducing them. I made a lino-cut
card for the first time this new year's. It was a kick - I used a rolling
pin as my press - hard work, but fun.

I may try to take that Art Barge class, if I don't go to PBI - it sounds
like a good class.

Take care,

Nicholas G. Yeager 51 Warren St.#2 NY, NY 10007 212.346.9609

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