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Re: Arranging poems on pages???

In the bookarts class I took last semester, one of the students (she was a
professor actually, taking the class) wrote a poem for her mother as a gift.
She printed it on some very pretty paper, and then had it framed.  The frame
was a box-like frame, that had the poem in three different parts.  There was a
3-frame mat that separated it.  It was very beautiful and impressive.
Also, I have been making handmade books for friends with poetry, inspirational
quotes, etc in them and have found a successful model:  a small pocket-sized
book, with paper accordion folded inside.  Then each page has a fold out
signature with a poem on the inside...
A little hard to explain without drawing it out for you.  If you want to know
more details, feel free to ask...

Gretchen Y.

PS - Finally, my first post!!!

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