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Re: GBW Rocky Mountain Chapter Newsletter

Hi, Pam--

I'm not sure if I need to give you this info or not, since Rob's laying
out the newsletter, but just in case, here's the info for the Galen
Berry marbling workshop.

Paper and Fabric Marbling Workshop with Galen Berry
Friday, April 10, from noon-5pm (Beginning Class)
Saturday, April 11 from noon-5pm (Intermediate Class)
Salt Lake City, Utah
University of Utah
Room 361, Art & Art History Department
Fee*: $65 / day or $100 / both days
To register, contact Georgia at (801)377-0731,
    or by email at <robngeo@xxxxxxxxxx>
Class size is limited, so hurry--first come, first served!

*Note: The class fee includes all supplies used in class. Additional
supplies can be purchased after class.

Also: Bring pen and paper for taking notes, a sack lunch if you'd like,
and an old towel you won't mind getting paint on. Wear your grubbies!

Thanks alot, Pam. You probably have this info, now that I think of
it--didn't Lorraine send you a packet of samples and such too? Seems
like she said that this morning when she called. Anyway, there it is, if
you need it.

I hope you and Ross have a good, sunny weekend.

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