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"Handmade papers" spending a month in Maine

Hello from Castine, Maine!  I am housesitting for a good friend who has
gone to the Bahamas (now that's the idea!) but have brought all my
papermaking equipment along and am making some wonderful Maine inspired
papers in the basement of the barn which looks out on the cove.  So far
I've done a lovely lichen paper and am now getting into the seaweeds that
wash up at high tide -- Irish moss and others I'm not sure I can name.  The
basic fiber in the paper is internally sized cotton rag beaten by
Twinrocker to 'medium fine' which makes these papers great for calligraphy
and book arts.  I will probably be making some lampshades, too, as these
inclusions are beautiful when seen through the light.

If you'd like me to make some of these papers for a project you have in
mind, please email me.  Or, if your Guild is nearby enough -- or en route
on my way home to Virginia in mid-March, and you would like to have me sell
paper at a meeting, I'd be happy to bring the paper to you.

Virginia Sarsfield
Handmade papers
current address:
HCR 79 Box 70
Castine ME 04421
800-215-4611 PIN 4574

permanent address:
348 Old South High Street
Harrisonburg VA 22801
800 215 4611 PIN 9363

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