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Image Transfer

I am new to this list by only a few days....... and just maybe you have
covered what I have to offer here.
Being in the early stages of exploring the Polaroid Image transfer work
I would suggest if anyone is interested in knowing the process that
they call 800 343 5000 and ask for {Inspiration} A  Step-by-Step Guide,
Polaroid Guide to Instant Imaging (Advanced Image Transferring), the
one I have is a 1991 edition and what ever Test magazines they have.
Polaroid will be delighted to talk about the process, walk you through
aspects of it and send you lots of good info. An excellent book on the
subject is Polaroid Transfers by Kathleen Thormod Carr. I, too, would
be happy to talk to anyone that is just beginning, not that I have
answers, but just to compare notes, get ideas.
New life and new surprises are on the horizon for my slides that have
accumulated over lots of time!
Sally Thibault


If you want to learn something new each day, take the same walk.
Holden, Me

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