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> Can anyone please help me determine how much writing space I'll have
> when the book is open?  For example, if I hinge the top cover and
> don't
> have it fold back flat, will that further eliminate the available
> space
> for the preprinted text?

Obviously, If you hinge the cover, not only will you lose the space that
is underneath the hinge, but also around an inch towards the inside
margin.  Think about it like this: if you take two documents, velo-bind
one and comb-bind the other, the comb-bound document will lay flat when
open.  The Velo-bound document will not lay flat, and you will have
trouble seeing what is printed close to the binding.  The same is true
for a hand-bound book that has been sewn -vs- a Japanese-type binding

A book I bought that I think is pretty comprehensive is _Books, Boxes
and Portfolios_.  Also, a hunting expedition at my university's library
yielded quite a few useful books on the subject.

Good luck.

> Thank you very much for any help anyone can provide.  If you know of
> any books that cover this, I would be most appreciateive.
> Kindest regards,
>    Betsy
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