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Re: Mutilated Library Books

The posting about mutilated books jogged my memory about a New York Times
article I read last week.  It took me awhile to track it down, but I was
surprised when I re-read the article by Doreen Carvajal.  It said in part:

 >> NEW YORK -- Barnes & Noble, the nation's largest bookstore chain, vowed
Thursday to stock art books containing photographs of nude children despite
indictments on obscenity charges in Alabama and Tennessee.

  The accusations appear to have grown out of an organized campaign by anti-
abortion protesters who have gone into bookstores across the country and
ripped up art books portraying nude children in an effort to halt sales.

  Much of the inspiration for the demonstrations against Barnes & Noble has
come from Randall Terry, a conservative radio show host who led Operation
Rescue anti-abortion protests in the 1980s. His site on the Internet provides
detailed instructions for fighting "this monstrous evil" with suggestions to
call local, state and federal law enforcement officials and Barnes & Noble's
president with complaints. >>

And later in the article:

<<  Richard Williams, 27, who is now a volunteer for Terry, said he raised the
issue with local authorities in Franklin after he heard about the books on
Terry's radio show.

  "My wife and I went to Barnes & Noble to see if it was as bad as it was,"
said Williams., who said noted that he believes it is exploitive for anyone to
take photos of nude children over the age of 2. two. "The pictures seemed to
be suggestive -- the positions of the children, young girls in the shower,
full frontal nudity, two young boys on the beach."

  Later, he said, they returned to the store to rip up one of the books in a
bid to prod the local prosecutor, Joseph Baugh, to prosecute Barnes & Noble.>>

Friday, February 20, 1998
Copyright 1998 The New York Times

Is it possible that Operation Rescue is moving its campaign of intimidation
from the bookstores to libraries????

  Ed (Hutchins)

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