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FW: Letterpress

Good luck with your wedding invitations.  My daughter's were my first =
letterpress job on my platen press.  Gold and black ink with a full =
border on dampened Rives cotton paper.  They came out very nice and my =
daughter was pleased.

That is not to say however that I wouldn't do it somewhat differently =
and I know better today, with a year of additional experience under my =
belt.  The key for me is to keep doing projects to keep learning.

Lee Cooper

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From:   Jacqueline Sullivan [SMTP:macjacq@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:   Friday, February 20, 1998 1:20 AM
To:     BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:        Letterpress

Can anyone tell me if using the polymer casts for letterpress as opposed =
to the magnesium is that much better? I am casting Calligraphy for =
wedding invitations.
Also I own a Franklin Proof Press a( 6x10 Platen hand operated press). I =
have never used it. Am I getting in over my head to expect to print 200 =
wedding invitations for a first attempt at printing?
THanks for any help,
JAcqueline Sullivan

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