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Re: virus and homepage

At 10:45 AM 2/22/98 EST, you wrote:
>Also, a VIRUS WARNING received from French computer engineer via my daughter
>in Michigan.
>"If you receive an E-mail titled "WIN A HOLIDAY" DO NOT open it. It will
>everything on your  hard drive. This information was announced yesterday from
>Microsoft. Also, do not open or even look at any mail that says "RETURNED OR
>UNABLE TO DELIVER" This virus will attach itself to your computer components
>and render them useless. Immediately delete any items that say this. AOL has
>said that this is a very dangerous virus and that there is no remedy for
it at
>this time."

Please remember that a virus CANNOT be transferred to your hard disk by
just reading an e-mail message (I'm going to be in big trouble the first
time someone figures out how to do it).  Just reading "Win a Holiday" or
any other such message will not deliver a virus to your system.  But, if
"Win a Holiday" has an attached file (especially if identified as an ".exe"
file) that you open through your computer, a virus CAN be downloaded.  For
more information on viruses and virus hoaxes check the National Computer
Security Association's virus hoax page at:


Returned Mail is there, though Win a Holiday hasn't made it yet.

Susan Ravdin
Special Collections
Bowdoin College Library
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Brunswick, Maine 04011-8421
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fax: 207-725-3083

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