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I know that this is a book arts list, and not lantern repair or papermaking,
but I am hoping this question is acceptable because of the relationships
between paper and book and history and lighting/lanterns to read and repair
those books, etc.  So...
I was recently asked to replace the paper in some Chinese lanterns thought to
be dated between 1908 and 1930.  I can't tell what type of paper was
previously used as it has long since turned to dust, nor do I know what paper
was originally used in these lanterns.  And finally, I have no idea as to any
sort of authenticity in calling these lanterns Chinese or dating them between
1908 and 1930 other than what I've been told and what they sort of look to be.
My question?  Can anyone out there guide me toward some comprehensive
informative and visual books (or other) on the subject?  For now, because the
job has a deadline, I am replacing the paper with gampi, but my curiosity is
strong and I'd love to learn more about Asian style lanterns in particular.

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