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One big detail I forgot to mention about the lanterns...
There remains one lantern that was, some time ago, repaired using a fiberglass
substance.  The owners and the contractor who sub'd out to me have decided
that they'd like to keep that one in tact as is because it's so hearty and the
fiberglass is bolted in, never to be removed without likely damage to the
lantern's wooden structure.  They have asked me to come close to that
fiberglass look with and without lightbulb on.  The fibergalss has yellowed
over the years, but still shines like fiberglass.  I tried working with both
Kozo/abaca combination and then further experimented with gampi (fibers that I
know to be strong and with which I am fairly familiar in my papermaking).  I
chose gampi paper because, in most light, the fiberglass looks very much like
gampi paper with the high sheen, amount of translucency and opaqueness, and
fiber quality that I specifically worked to keep in my pulp.  I know  that it
was developed as a papermaking fiber by Japanese papermakers, but it did turn
out to fill the visual criteria well.  I am hopeful that if I can do some
research, I can give all involved an education and possibly we can do this
right and relax the deadline.  The house is like a museum of Chinese carving
and detail.  It's very very beautiful and special, so I'd love to do this just
right.  Thanks again.

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