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Re: Jane Grabhorn

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Susan and the List,
May I shamelessly indulge in some publicity for the Scripps College
Jane Bissell Grabhorn's life of printing with her husband Robert
Grabhorn has been recorded in Ward Ritchie's "Jane Grabhorn: the Rougish
Printer of the Jumbo Press" (Laguna Verde Imprenta, 1985) which was
based on his Frederic W. Goudy Lecture sponsored by the Scripps College
Press  on May 1, 1984.  A native of San Francisco, Jane had been a
student at Scripps for a year in the late '20's. According to Ward, she
and Bob were married on July 15, 1932.
Even more blatant: we happen to still have some copies of the broadside,
printed at the Press, announcing the Goudy Lecture and signed by Ward
Ritchie. They are priced at $15. Contact me directly--not the list--for
details (jharveysahak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).
And finally: another Frederic W.Goudy Lecture will happen this Saturday
evening, February 28 at 7:30 pm in the Humanities Auditorium at Scripps
College. Sumner Stone will talk on "Continuity and Innovation in Type
Design: The Debut of Scripps College Old Style in Digital Form". For
more details about the lecture and the digitized Scripps College Old
Style contact Kitty Marryatt, Director of the Scripps College Press
directly (kmaryatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx).
Judy Harvey Sahak
Librarian, Denison Library
Scripps College
Claremont, CA  91711
Susan King wrote:

> Does anyone know which famous Grabhorn brother Jane married? I'm
> working =
> on
> a piece of printing history, and am out in the country, far away from
> my
> library. I think she was married to Robert Grabhorn, but am not sure.
> If
> anyone has access to "The Compleat Jane Grabhorn" a wonderful
> collection =
> of
> her zany letterpress works published under the Jumbo press imprint,
> that
> might have the reference.
> Thanks in advance
> Susan King, Paradise Press
> SusanKing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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