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Well, hitting that reply button without checking the return address can s=
ure=0Acause misunderstandings! I want to make sure that whoever read my (=
what I=0Athought was a private) message last week didn=92t get the wrong =
idea about what=0AI think about PBI.=0A=0ASo here it is on record: I thin=
k this conference is as good as it gets in the=0Abook conference world. I=
 have been to many PBI conferences, and have studied=0Ahappily and intens=
ely with many of the great bookmakers: a wonderful=0Apunchcutting session=
 with Stan Nelson, a zillion miniature books with Louise=0AGenest, sewing=
 tests with Robert Espinosa, action books with Gary Frost and a=0Ahost of=
 other excellent teachers. The added attraction is that you get to=0Aschm=
ooze with other people who are crazy about the bookmaking and papermaking=
=0Aprocesses. And the instructors take the other classes, too. So the lev=
el of=0Ainstruction is unmatched. I always encourage my students and book=
making=0Afriends to apply. The organizers have always worked hard to make=
 the=0Aconference affordable, and so they arrange for accommodations that=
 are=0Ainexpensive so that you can study with the best people. And they d=
o it for=0Anothing, I might add. My hat=92s off to them.  =0A=0AI have al=
ways wanted to make a girdle book and signed up to go in April to a=0Asix=
-day class in Ascona, Switzerland, (where I had studied years ago with Hu=
go=0APeller) to make one with Dag Peterson, before I knew Pam Spitzmuller=
 was going=0Ato offer one at PBI! So what a dilemna on whether or not to =
apply when I have=0Aalready spent my wad. But it is always a great treat =
to study with Pam, and I=0Awould love to see how she approaches it. And o=
f course, Stan Nelson is there=0Aagain, and my buddy Janet Takahashi, and=
 many other really excellent teachers.=0ASo I=92m saving my money again.=
=0A=0AMy husband says, always be on your best behavior!=0A=0AContritely,=
=0AKitty Maryatt =0A

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