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Some amature questions...

No - I didn't mean immature.  :)  I recently began my own very small, very
rough press.  I have been making books for friends as gifts, etc.  I made a
book for a friend of mine and she took it to a convention last week.  The book
had some little inspirational quotes and poems in them.  I didn't write them,
but definitely credited the authors.  Also, on the cover of the book, I found
this greeting card with a beautiful photo of a pansy, so I used that pic on
the cover.  AND, on the inside, I used some pansy photo stickers.  (We are Tri
Delts, and the pansy is our flower.  I know, it's cheesy...)
The people at Tri Delta Executive Office now want to buy my books!!  They have
offered to market them at the huge Tri Delta conference this summer, etc.
What I need to know before I send them some samples is what kind of copyright
issues am I looking at here?  I know I will need to fill the books with text
of my own to make that a bit simpler, but what about the card on the front and
the stickers?
Any tips for mass production of the books would be helpful as well. (It's a
small accordion fold book, with fold out signatures with the poems on the
inside of those.)  I've been using a glue stick of all things to put them
together, just because it's not as messy as the archival quality glue and it
lays smoother... but probably lacks stayingpower.  Any suggestions?
I've got my work cut out for me, I know.  Please help!!

Thanks a lot.

Glymmer Books

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