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Re: Some amature questions...

If you still have the original greeting card, contact the publisher and
get hold of the photographer to negotiate a fee for the publication
rights. Any other scenario is an invitation to a lawsuit...which you
will lose. Why not make your own photograph? Or hire a promising
amateur? How about flower clipart (aka royalty free photos)?

As far as mass production. Evaluate the total number you need to break
even, paying yourself a decent wage, and figuring any marketing cost
such as commissions. If the number is large enough you may want to
investigate having a bindery produce the book for you, paying yourself a
fee for design, prototype production, and trouble. Or if this is to
become your immediate life's work, consider buying the necessary
equipment to truly mass produce the book. Plow some or most of the
profits into a book production facility and begin to plan your next
production. (I see you're already at work on this.) This is the most
risky in the short run, but the most rewarding in the long run...you
have your business started with minimal out-of-pocket expense.

good luck


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