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Re: Methylcellulose??

Hi All...  I hope this post is helpful to someone...

I used to use wall paper paste (powder form) as a "wheat paste" for wet
mounting paintings done on delicate Japanese papers (often mistakenly referred
to as rice paper)...  after I got tired of making my own wheat paste by
boiling down flour...

Basically, you boil down a flour-water mix  until you are left with the
starch, which makes a pretty good reversable paste (reversable in that it can
be undone by rewetting)... presumably it can also be used as sizing...

A painting group I was involved with in 1980 concluded that Robin Hood fluor
was superior to other brands when it came to boiling down for paste... One
set-back is that this home made paste will go bad on you after a short while,
even when refrigerated...

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