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Re: Methylcellulose


I got a laugh out of Don's response, so I thought you might like it too.
>The unifying denominator of the two things about which your post is
>concerned is that the methylcellulose found in papermaking catalogs and
>cellulose wall paper paste are equally likely not to be methylcellulose,
>since the term is widely abused by all who use it in ignorance of the
>actual material so described, which can be any of several ethers of
>cellulose, as, but not limited to propyl cellulose, sodium hydroxy propyl
>cellulose, ethyl cellulose, and even several combinations of these, as
>propyl-ethyl cellulose.
>The bottom line is this:  if it works who cares, certainly not the folks
>who shamefully sell the stuff unaware what it is that they are selling.
>If it does matter, I would suggest that you deal with a reputable chemical
>supplier, but not Dow because they hurt ladies by filling their boobs up
>with, guess what?  Who knows????
>And that, in the ageold words sof Ms Tomlin, is the truth.
>> From: tom bennick <tbennic@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Subject: Methylcellulose
>> Date: Tuesday, February 24, 1998 5:16 PM
>> I would like to know the difference between methylcellulose found for
>> in  papermaking catalogs and cellulose wall paper paste that can be
>> at the local hardware store.  It seems to be the same thing but I'm not
>> real sure.  I'm confident someone out there knows and will share this
>> information.
>> Thanks
>> Tom

Nicholas G. Yeager 51 Warren St.#2 NY, NY 10007 212.346.9609

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