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Re: Bookbinding Supplies

In a message dated 98-02-25 12:52:14 EST, you write:

<< Fullerton, which is in Orange County.  Where are you?

I had a Jennifer Woods in one of my classes in Upland, was it you? Or, did you
by some chance, take your class from Mimi Halo? If so, geographically, she's
really your handiest source.

You can reach Mimi at Plickity Plunk Press, Box 346, Corona del Mar, CA 92625.
Phone (714) 673-7319. You could also call Cal State Fullerton art dept. Linda
Feliz might be able to help with local suppliers.

There's also a couple of of places in L.A. I'll be home tonight, will look up
a few names and addresses.

I've had great luck with the mail order sources, Bookbinder's Warehouse,
Colophon, etc. and that's what I usually use. Keith Smith's books, as well as
many others, list suppliers, as well.

Mary Crest

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