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Re: Bookbinding Supplies

> I had a Jennifer Woods in one of my classes in Upland, was it you? Or,
> did you
> by some chance, take your class from Mimi Halo? If so, geographically,
> she's
> really your handiest source.

I wasn't in the class in Upland, but I did take my class from Mimi
Halo.  I just want to have more than one source, because in our class
she was saying she would really rather be focusing on her writing and
that she might go out of the bookbinding business.  She's my only source
for the bookboards, mull, headbands, etc and if she does decide to quit
the business I'd be stuck.

>  You could also call Cal State Fullerton art dept. Linda
> Feliz might be able to help with local suppliers.

Perfect, CSUF is two blocks from my house.

> There's also a couple of of places in L.A. I'll be home tonight, will
> look up
> a few names and addresses.


> I've had great luck with the mail order sources, Bookbinder's
> Warehouse,
> Colophon, etc. and that's what I usually use. Keith Smith's books, as
> well as
> many others, list suppliers, as well.

I've sent for Bookbinder's catalog, and will do so with the other two.
Thank you so much for your response!

Jennifer Woods

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