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Re: Weeding Books

Dear Philip: Over a year ago I visited the new San Fransisco Library...an

architect's delight to be sure.  However many hundreds and hundreds of cubic

feet of space have been dedicated to just plain soaring space  going up I think

 3 or 4 stories.  A  vaulted experience to be sure.

I guess the architect is to blame (?) and the committee that Ok'd his design.

S.F. needed a new library with lots of space.  The architect  got "book space"

confused with  people space. And ....

when it came time to move in the old and new books, egads! there was actually

LESS bookshelf space in the  grand new library than in the old, stuffy

library.  Embarassing.  Yes, City dump trucks were loaded  and sent to the

waste site.  Shortly afterward  citizens groups began scoffing up books for non

profit second hand book stores and lesser type libraries with freebie shelves.

Does this mean that otherwise knowledgable people failed to use simple math to

measure the length and width of shelves, multiply the two and get the total # of

 square feet????


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