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Re: a 'must visit', more...

I agree. I couldn't spend a lot of time, but bookmarked for later.

Fran Morris

Ton Cremers wrote:

> This morning I sent the following message:
> -----
> http://www.imultimedia.pt/museuvirtpress
> The Virtual Museum of Printing-Press
> ----
> Already I received several enthousiastic reactions about this site.
> The Virtual Museum of Printing-Press  has been on line since April
> last year and this far had only 750 visitors. Apparently the owner
> never added his URL to the major searchengines. His page needs quite
> some time loading (so some patience is needed).
> Again: a 'must visit'
> Ton Cremers
> ------------------------------
> Ton Cremers
> http://www.xs4all.nl/~cremers/
> http://www.xs4all.nl/~cremers/timetab1.html
> (Book History Chronology)
> http://museum-security.org/
> (Cultural Property Protection)
> ---------------

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