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Re: Die-cuts

I've found that die-cutting is usually not as expensive as you might think,
especially if it is a very straight forward cut.  Some of the projects on
which I've worked have had very complicated dies (the box catalog for the
Anchorage Museum of History and Art, for example) and we were surprised how
reasonable the dies were.

It is possible to die-cut on any letterpress, even a hand-operated table press
like a Kelsey or Sigwalt.

There are also relatively inexpensive die-cutting systems you can buy.  The
die-cutting presses start at $200 and simple dies can be made for between
$30-50.  The two largest manufactures are:
Accu/Cut, (800) 288-1670 or http://www.accucut.com
Ellison Eductional Equipment, Inc.  (800) 253-2238

Ellison was first on the market, but I prefer the Accu/Cut system.  I've used
both.  Both companies make hundreds of dies and they are interchangable with
each system.

We'll be using the Accu/cut system at the Book Arts Jamboree this summer.


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