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Re: quotation marks in books?

At 21:54 27/02/98 -0800, Elizabeth McClenthen wrote:
>I deeply appreciate your excellent help!  If I could bother you with one
>more question, how do I put it when starting a new paragraph (or line
>with a blank line in between)?  Does the same rule apply?
>For some reason, I remember something about using a quote on the left
>side of each line but nothing on the right until the very end of the
>quote - but don't remember the exact rule and have no idea where to look.

I don't recall ever hearing of a rule anything like that. As far as I know,
the "rule" is basically the way I did it in my last message, and the only
place that I've ever seen text laid out typographically as you've described
is in early printed books -- when there were hardly any rules in some ways,
too many rules in other ways, and whatever rules that did exist were just,
well, weird. %}

>Thanks again!

You're welcome (again). :)

>Although the bookbinding is the fun part, I need to make
>sure that the content is also nice.

Indeed. That part can be just as much fun, and certainly is no less important.

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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