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Re: quotation marks in books?

Ron Koster wrote:

> At 21:54 27/02/98 -0800, Elizabeth McClenthen wrote:
> >I deeply appreciate your excellent help!  If I could bother you with
> one
> >more question, how do I put it when starting a new paragraph (or line
> >with a blank line in between)?  Does the same rule apply?
> >

I think it goes the way he did it in the other message.  I think with
each new paragraph you begin quotes again.

> >For some reason, I remember something about using a quote on the left
> >side of each line but nothing on the right until the very end of the
> >quote - but don't remember the exact rule and have no idea where to
> look.

I have a copy of the _MLA_ Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.
It's pretty comprehensive about this kind of stuff.

It also depends on the way you're quoting something.  If it's in the
body of a text, and it's more than two lines, you set it apart like

                Here's the quote, broken out of the paragraph by itself
to indicate that it is an
                extensive quote that takes up more than one line..

The library or a bookstore would have such reference books.

BTW, in my last message, I was rereading it and when I wrote "is that
clear" I though it came across as sounding snotty or something.  What I
meant was, am I explaining it clearly or am I being confusing?  Hope it
didn't come across the wrong way.

Good Luck


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