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Re: Etching hot plates

At 10:57 PM 2/25/98 -0500, you wrote:
 (try using Graphic Chemical & Ink co's Easywipe for
>printing plates cold.)

If you knew what is in Easy Wipe you wouldn't use it. Let us say it's not
vegitarian and you could use one of the ingredients in you car!.  It
remains in the ink and even small amounts will turn color inks over time,
like pink to black, etc.  It should not be used for permanent work.  Dan
Smith sells a product called Miracle Gel wiping additive which evaporates
out of the ink and dosen't hurt your ink or papers.  Van Son, makers of
commerical offset inks makes a tack reducer which is much cheaper that
Miracle Gel, works as well, and is avaiable from any small commerical
printers paper and ink vendor.  I've been around students using Easy Wipe
since the mid 70's.  We don't call it Sleezy Swipe for nothin'!  It's about
the only _Graphic_Chemical_and_Ink_ product I wouldn't use!

Good luck!

        Michael Morin
Celtic Press - Buffalo NY

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