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Re: Non-Toxic Printmaking

Dear Non-Tox

Most of the traditional printmaking techniques are very safe if done
properly with the proper equipment and handling.  This includes solvent
photoetching, Ferric Chloride (which has no off gassing or flumes) and the
use of Nitric and Hydrochloric Acids.  The problems is that many
printmakers short-change personal safety in an attempt to save space, money
or training.  The Keith Howard approach to safer printmaking is a wonderful
addition to a long tradition and has a great place for those schools or
individuals who don't have the resources or training to provide the proper
environment for a wider range of chemistry, that if misused, could be very
dangerous.  When I think about all the papermaker's studios I've seen
without proper ground faulted electrical duplexes, I don't worry so much
about what I've always refered to as _Sudden_Printmaker_Death_.  A good zap
is clean and neat...and no flumes.  Well at least not for long.

It's a jungle ou there.  Do it safely!


Michael Morin
Celtic Press-Buffalo NY

At 07:27 PM 2/26/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I have winced several times lately reading about acids used for
>printmaking, and not boiling them, and doing things out of doors. I was
>sure I had seen a reference somewhere lately to a non-toxic printmaking web
>site. Well, I just found it and in the hope that some of you might be
>interested, I pass it along.
>Keith Howard (non-toxic printmaking)
>click on "other links", scroll down to "Printmaking at MTSU", then go to
>"technical notes.
>Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:

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