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bitchy buddha press Hibernation Sale

Those of you also on my physical/snail list: this email duplicates the
flyer you recently received.

Also, this is being posted to a number of lists, so, sorry for any
duplications generally speaking.


Winter is the slowest season at bitchy buddha press. The Muse puts on her
flannel pajamas & takes a big long nap. I get groggy on cough syrup &
nothing happens. Take advantage of my dimwitted boredom by adding to your
bitchy buddha press collection at 10% off. All orders received before the
Vernal Equinox (20 March 98) get 10% off--except for postcards & pencils,
because they're such screaming bargains already! Flu germs not included, I
promise. Happy Year of the Tiger!

(by the way, there's cheaper stuff if you keep scrolling down!)

*the aeronautics of love

Deceptively simple, this book is a pair of paper airplanes printed with
text about my neurotic struggle to comprehend modern aeronautics &
long-distance relationships. Designed to hang above the viewer's head for a
disorienting reading experience.

Letterpress, 1 color, 1996. From 8-1/2" x 11" paper; dimensions variable.
Edition of 30.
$65.00 ($4.00)

*no one to call home/girl

A book of Chinese American female names. Vertical accordion book-in-a-box.
The list of 170 names is accompanied by a story about relationships among
three adolescent Chinese American girls. The box/book cover has a ribbon
loop to facilitate hanging the book for display.

Letterpress, 4 colors, 1995. 2" x 2-7/8" x 2-5/16" closed; height up to 80"
open. Edition of 37.
$275.00 ($6.00)

*howards & hoovers: a sample book of chinese american male names

Paint-sample fan book format. A humorously affectionate collection of 180
Chinese American male first names (and corresponding color samples)
interspersed with prose vignettes about my experiences with Chinese
American men and their names.

Letterpress, watercolor & laserprint, 1994. 7" x 2" x 1-1/4". Edition of 9.
$500.00 (call to arrange shipping)

*he likes you

Set of three folded, origami-type fortune tellers (aka "cootie catchers")
inspired by the fortune tellers made by generations of elementary-school
girls. A painful but humorous, ironic look at the complex interactions of
boys & girls, racial isolation & nerdiness, the mysteries & disappointments
of heterosex. Six shades of pink!

Letterpress (3 colors) & photocopy, 1996. 5-1/8" x 5" packaged; open
dimensions variable. Edition of 100. Produced with a grant from Women's
Studio Workshop, funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts.

$65.00 ($6.50) Special ordering instructions for this book only: order from
WSW, P.O. Box 489, Rosendale NY 12472, phone 914.658.9133. NY residents add
$5.04 tax.

BROADSIDE: the Big 3-oh
Letterpress, 3 colors, 1996. 15" x 11". Edition of 80. On the general
subject of turning thirty. Includes amusing tale of fireplace falling
through the floor.
$16.00 ($3.00)


Postage is 32=A2 for 1-4 postcards, plus 23=A2 for every 1-4 after that.

*blenders, 1995.
"This was the year I developed my fetish for runaway truck ramps."

*taxes, 1996.
"...& the warm breeze blows my tax stuff all over the floor..."

*toy dream #2/princess, 1996.
"If you decide to change the story, do it when the princess is awake."


in shiny metallic colors, imprinted: "MY FAMILY IS DRIVING ME CRAZY"
$1.75/pair (55=A2)


I spent 1997 working on dyed silk one-of-a-kind "wall books". These wall
pieces consist of many individual silk "pages" dyed in varying shades of
color, silkscreened or embroidered with text or images, and installed
together resembling an unconstructed quilt. I spent October at The Millay
Colony for the Arts, where I took advantage of the big studio walls to
complete Afterimage/Lake #2, a 15' exploration of the conceptual color
"lake green". Because these are unique, large pieces they are not itemized
here; please feel free to contact me for more information on these dyed
silk works.

THE BOOK OF MAD (working title)
I have an idea for a deck of cards with anger as a theme. You can
participate! Send me examples of specific things you have done when you
were really mad. (For example: broke a dish, got drunk, overthrew the

(New York NY), The Getty Center (Los Angeles CA), San Francisco Public
Library, Yale University, University of California Berkeley, School of the
Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design, Cincinnati Art
Museum, & other satisfied institutions & individuals around the world...
(can an institution be satisfied??)


All amounts are listed in U. S. dollars. Shipping charge is in parentheses
after each price & applies to U. S. orders only.

=46or international orders, please email me to iron out shipping details, &c=

CA folks get to pay 8.25% tax on everything (except he likes you).

Make checks payable to Indigo Som. Send orders to Indigo Som, bitchy buddha
press, P. O. Box 5053, Berkeley CA 94705 USA.

Prices & availability subject to change without notice; when in doubt,
email or call first.

Tell me if you don't want to be on my list.

Copyright by Indigo Som, 1998.

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