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Hand Papermaking's New Portfolio

Hand Papermaking is pleased to announce a new limited edition portfolio: Handmade Paper in Nepal, Tradition and Change. The specimens for this edition have come to us from a single source, papermaker and paper historian Dorothy Field. Between 1984 and 1996, she traveled to Nepal four times. She sought out those who have preserved Nepalese papermaking and she visited new mills, which practice both the traditional Nepalese methods as well as adaptations and imported techniques. While in Nepal, she met with papermakers, discerned their methods, and collected their papers. The samples she assembled--including block-printed and colored sheets, and many made using lokta fiber--make up the specimens in the portfolio.

In this edition, we are fortunate to be able to present revealing documentation of an ancient papermaking tradition in transition. As Nepal rushes into the late twentieth century, after many years of isolation, its cultural distinctness is becoming diluted and endangered. Through her view of papermaking, Ms. Field reveals in a detailed essay and extensive sample descriptions how much has changed for the country and its people in just a few years. In doing so, she contemplates the future of the craft and the larger culture it is a part of.

The third in our series--following our portfolios of decorated handmade papers (1994) and letterpress printing on handmade papers (1996)--, this edition echoes the look and format of its predecessors. Limited to 150 copies, the new portfolio will be housed in a cloth-covered, drop-spine, clamshell box, with a booklet containing an essay, descriptions of the papers, and resource information, and separate folders for the paper specimens. As before, Steve Miller will design the portfolio and Booklab, Inc. will construct the boxes.

The portfolio will be available soon and the pre-publication price of $175 is good until March 31, after which the price is $195. (Add $15 for postage outside the US.) Please write or call to order, or for more information.

Hand Papermaking, PO Box 77027, Washington, DC 20013
(800) 821-6604, (301) 220-2393, fax (301) 220-2394
e-mail handpapermaking@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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