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NEWS: Printing on the Iron Handpress

Oak Knoll Press and The British Library are proud to announce one of its
newest publications:

A definitive printing manual for printing students, private presses and
printing historians!

By Richard-Gabriel Rummonds

"Anyone who stays the course and follows to the end the directives given
here can count on acquiring a consummate, tried and true method for handling
an instrument that has never been surpassed, that still calls for a
printer's full participation, physical as well as mental, in order to
achieve the best work of which he is capable."
- Harry Duncan

A master printer, Richard-Gabriel Rummonds has written a work destined to
become a standard text on the art of fine printing. Students, printers and
printing historians will find this new book gratifying, enlightening and
extremely instructive. Filling the need for a systematic, step-by-step
manual for using this time-honored piece of equipment, this award-winning
printer and author presents how to print on the iron handpress in
comprehensive and thorough detail.

Rummonds' instruction has been gained from over 30 years of experience
working with such presses at the Plain Wrapper Press and the University of
Alabama. Drawing his inspiration from historical practices and modifying
them for the needs of contemporary printers, Rummonds teaches handpress
operators how to achieve optimum results by following certain methods of

Rummonds lays out this manual by covering all the materials involved and
step-by-step, various different ways to achieve the same result - to make a
distinct, substantial and evenly inked impression on damp paper. Realizing
that there is more than one way to print, the author concentrates on methods
that can be repeated with a reasonable amount of success and dependability
as well as serving as a point of departure for experimentation.

With a Foreword by Harry Duncan, Rummonds' work is divided into thirty-three
chapters: The Handpress Studio, The Iron Handpress and Its Parts, Setting Up
the Iron Handpress, Iron Handpress Maintenance, Covering the Tympan and the
Frisket, Determining the Basic Packing, Packing the Front of the Tympan,
Packing the Back of the Tympan, Typography, Book Design, Dummies,
Positioning the Chase in the Bed, Imposing, Building the Skeleton, Building
a Form, Locking Up a Form, Positioning the Points, Making Register,
Balancing the Fall of the Platen, Makeready, Preparing the Frisket for
Printing, Selecting the Right Paper, Preparing the Paper, Dampening the
Paper, Drying Down the Paper, Inking, Presswork, Printing on Vellum,
Printing Multiple Colors, Printing with Gold Leaf, Printing Illustrations
with Text, Drying and Pressing Printed Sheets, and Preparing Books for the
Binder. This work also contains over 400 illustrations and technical
diagrams meticulously drawn by George Laws and 37 photographs of famous,
well-known, historical and contemporary fine printers at their presses. End
materials include an extensive glossary/index, bibliography, and a list of
suppliers. Published by Oak Knoll Press and The British Library.

1998, 8 x 11 inches, illustrated, 494 pages.
Hardcover: ISBN 1-884718-39-6 / ORDER# 48848-T4 / PRICE $75.00 + shipping
Paperback: ISBN 1-884718-40-X / ORDER# 48849-T4 / PRICE $49.95 + shipping
Available in North & South America through Oak Knoll Books.
Available outside North & South America through The British Library.
Publishing date: April 1998

For orders in the US, please add $4.00 s&h for the first volume and $0.75
for any additional volumes. For single orders outside the US, please add
$5.50 s&h or contact us for shipping information. Books are shipped within 7
business days via UPS Ground, the Post Office or IPC. Special delivery is
available upon request at extra charge.

Order from:

Oak Knoll Books, Specialists in Books about Books, the History of the Book
and the Book Arts (ABAA/ILAB)
414 Delaware Street, New Castle DE 19720 USA
Phone: (302) 328-7232 / Fax: (302) 328-7274 / Email: oakknoll@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Web: http://www.oakknoll.com - ASK FOR A FREE CATALOGUE!

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