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Re: Definition of the Artists Book (YES, again)

I tell people when they ask me what an artist's book is that I've never met
two artists who agree on a definition, but for me, as an artist, it means a
book or book-like object in which content is not limited to words alone--it
is expressed in every aspect of the book or object from the words and
images to the structure and type and printing method. ideally, that is.
sometimes it isn't quite so.

I think this is a fascinating question, although I get tired of it. it gets
very frustrating in an academic setting, especially if you are having lots
of artists come through and talk about their work. in England (at the MA in
Book Arts program), there were times when I wanted to scream and throw
things at them!

(or Camellia El-Antably)

                =8A Say that a hut,

                south facing in the hundred-mile winds,
                comprises ten thousand terrified hunks of stone.

                        from "Sonnet for Constituents Not Permitted"
                        _Arms wide, eyes open_  by Annie Stenzel
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