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Although I think the word "bookness" is really hilarious, it does have...
er, usefulness, hee hee...

Bookness may include, or be evoked by, any or all (or none?) of the
following: the idea of the page, text of any kind, images, sequence,
binding of any kind or structural *reference* (interpret broadly) to
"traditional" or "recognizable" book bindings, materials commonly
associated w/ books (i.e. bookcloth, headbands &c.), a story, interactivity
(so that the viewer can also be called a reader, as of a book), having been
made by a person who usually makes books, something simply being called a
book (treading gingerly on thin ice here...)

I think someone once said a scroll doesn't have bookness. I disagree
heartily in the name of all my Chinese ancestors.

I've been making what I call "wall books". Lots of "pages" of silk tacked
up on the wall in particular order. Some people look at em & say "quilt"
but I've never really made quilts at all. I've made lots of books though.
So I get to say it's a book ;)

ok, now i will really go to sleep like i meant to before i was provoked by
peter's audacious question!

Indigo Som  ***  bitchy buddha press  ***  indigos@xxxxxxxxxx

"What is the purpose of eating a tangerine? It is just for eating the
tangerine. During the time you eat a tangerine, eating the tangerine is the
most important thing in your life." --Thich Nhat Hanh, "The Art of Living"

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