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Definition of the Artists B

Um, sorry, but what is "art"?
Talk about regressing to fundamental questions...

It's all a matter of intent. (see Dada, et le objet truve [sp])
Skill sets, craft and presentation aside.

Rather than belabor the vagaries of all the possible definitions of
an "artist book" clearly what Peter seeks is simply a concise and
articulate description that the layperson can grasp.

How about:

An "artist book" is an assemblage of folios, bound or otherwise, meant
to be observed in a sequential fashion, either arbitrary or =
and comprised of elements both textual, or pictorial. Construction is
often of an importance equal to that of content. Modes of reproduction
are variable, as are methods of construction.

Or something like that.
What do I know, I'm a designer/job printer?

michael bABCock
interrobang letterpress

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