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Re: Definition of the Artists Book (YES, again)

Book as an art ,and an artist's book are two completelly different
things. An artist's book can  be make by somebody who is not a
bookbinder, who does not know the book structure. For him/her a form or
an image of a book is used to convey a certain message that is not
connected with book as a medium.
Someone that makes a book that is perceived as art must be an artist as
well as an excellent bookbinder. Book as an art must combine two equaly
important elements: an intellectual and artistc message when comes to
the design of a cover,and sound structure. In other words the expression
and form must melt together.
In artist's book, the symbol or an image of a book serves only as an
excuse for expressing some other idea. In an artist's book the
EXPRESSION is a primary concern. In book that is an art both EXPRESSION
,and STRUCTURE are equaly important.
Artist's book? Piece  where bookish shapes,objects or book symbols serve
as a form of artistic expression.

Ksenia KOpystynska

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