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Re: Definition of the Artists Book (YES, again)

An artist's book is an object created to convey ideas and experiences to
the "reader" or audience wherein materials are manufactured, manipulated,
and assembled to express the concept of the artist. This may result in a
sculptural machine that works like a conventional book, or it may result in
two-dimensional material that can be experienced in a moment. That the
artist chooses "bookness" as their vehicle for delivering the message,
indicates that there is some relationship to the viewing action being
perceived as "reading" and the crafting of the art object.

After reading what I just wrote, I blame you for making me think about
things like: Why is the sky blue? and other imponderables. Thanks for the
opportunity to hurt my head.


Nicholas G. Yeager 51 Warren St.#2 NY, NY 10007 212.346.9609

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