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Razor Blades

Thanks to everyone who answered my query concerning double edge
razor blades for the Brockman Paring Tool.

I received several samples via postal mail and was able to (finally) find
some blades locally - I bought the entire supply!

I also received a Scharf-fix blade and it does, indeed, fit a Brockman
tool so that will be a back up source as well.

Thanks to all.

Artemis BonaDea
> Thanks to all for your replies, they've been very helpful. The accucut
> looks very interesting and if the budget for this project allows, I may
> purchase one. Otherwise, the Ellison is an option and I'm told that there
> are many of these in elementary schools and that I may try gaining access
> to one. Fortunately, I have some teacher friends. Evidently, the accucut
> dies are compatible with the Ellison so if I can't find the right die I
> can have one made.
> David
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