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Bookin' into Books

Dear Peter and Friends of the List:


An artist's book is a form of art that alludes to traditional book
characteristics  in one or more ways.


May I add that very soon portable electronic books will be available with
electronically "turnable" pages, instant index, etc., the pages seen but
not touchable on a liquid crystal screen in a book shape folder, with
perhaps all the books written by one author stored on a teeny weenie disc
that you can insert from a little storage pocket of discs holding 100's of
other "books".
Just think, when you go on vacation you can take all your favorite authors,
all your favorite museum artworks, all your favorite whatever in your
over the shoulder bag.  Just remember to bring your little solar panel
attachment, or extra battery.  Eventually, these will be leather covered,
with coptic binding and gold stamping and quickly evolve into artist's

Love to all


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