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(Fwd) Authors

Anybody out there who can help?
Ton Cremers

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Date:          Fri, 06 Mar 1998 04:51:04 +0000
From:          Webmaster <stlukes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-to:      stlukes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Organization:  St Luke's CE Primary School, Formby, England
To:            cremers@xxxxxxxxx
Subject:       Authors


Love your site - could spend (have spent) hours here.  Maybe you can
help - our school is making a big play for World Book Day (23rd April)
and we are trying to locate children's authors who may be available for
on-line chat.  Any ideas where to locate?

Many thanks

Lynne Molloy
Webmaster for St Luke's


Ton Cremers
(Book History Chronology)
(Cultural Property Protection)

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