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Re: Bookin' into Books

Well Daria, here is my .$.02 worth.  I appreciate your skepticism, and to a
certain extent I share it. Still.............

As a book lover and bookseller, I use computers all the time. The thing about
it is, you should not view these machines as a replacement for the printed
book [a common and understandable misconception fostered on us by computer
nerds and unimaginative computer zealots and fanatics], but as another media
format, like the paperback version of the hardcover edition, or the CD version
of the LP or Cassette Tape.

The new multimedia formats now being developed for personal computers will
allow full screen video, text, graphics, and multilingual hi fi audio to be
combined into these presentations. We will see these 'books' over the internet
in a few years, as speeds improve, and it will allow many people to see and
appreciate  important books, artist books as well,  that they would never be
able to purchase. All that being as it may, I have a personal collection of
more than 20,000 fine books that I love to handle, read and enjoy.

There is a place for these computerized books in our lives, and they will be
great tools.
Of course, a fool with a tool is still a fool.

Art Rubino
Numismatic & Philatelic Arts of Santa Fe
Antiquarian Book Sellers
P.O. Box 9712
Santa Fe, NM 87504  USA
Phone  505 982 8792
Fax      505 982 0291
Email  Art_Rubino@xxxxxxx

We are always interested in buying fine Numismatic & Philatelic books.

From:   Book_Arts-L: The list for all the book arts! on behalf of Daria
Sent:   Thursday, March 05, 1998 19:16 PM
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Subject:        Bookin' into Books

Dear Peter and Friends of the List:


An artist's book is a form of art that alludes to traditional book
characteristics  in one or more ways.


May I add that very soon portable electronic books will be available with
electronically "turnable" pages, instant index, etc., the pages seen but
not touchable on a liquid crystal screen in a book shape folder, with
perhaps all the books written by one author stored on a teeny weenie disc
that you can insert from a little storage pocket of discs holding 100's of
other "books".
Just think, when you go on vacation you can take all your favorite authors,
all your favorite museum artworks, all your favorite whatever in your
over the shoulder bag.  Just remember to bring your little solar panel
attachment, or extra battery.  Eventually, these will be leather covered,
with coptic binding and gold stamping and quickly evolve into artist's

Love to all


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