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Re: Jim Croft Workshops (In Santa, Idaho)

Jim, I would love to be on your mailing list, either e-mail or snail mail!
Maybe one year this would work oout for me.  I'm a school librarian.
Thanks, Linda
PS What is "PBI"?
Address below.
>May 8-11, 1998
>"Old Ways of Hand Papermaking" with Neal Bonham and Suzanne Ferris
>using hemp, flax or cotton pulps with comparisons and contrasts of the
>beater meeting the water powered stamp mill plus special emphasis on
>various methods of drying including restraint, loft and stack drying
>plus internal and gelatin tub sizing and wet gelatin pressing and hand
>May 13-15, 1998
>"Old Ways of Hemp and Flax Processing for Thread and Papermaking" with
>Jim Croft
>using local, imported, sorted, sordid and recycled hemp and flax some
>taken from seed to thread and from rag to fiber or atleast stalk to
>thread including linen firehose processing. you may participate in lye
>making from ash, wood fired lye cooking, retting, braking, scutching,
>hackling, spinning, plying, natural bleaching and hand cutting fiber.
>May 17-19, 1998
>"Old Ways of Hands making Hand Tools most especially for Bookbinding"
>with Jim Croft using wood, bone, bamboo and steel plus sharpening and
>maintenance of same,
>(to be repeated at PBI, June 10-14, 1998)
>May 21-24, 1998
>"Old Ways of making Wooden Book Boards with Clasps" with Jim Croft
>including how to harvest and cure local woods and quarter splitting from
>the block and sawing, hewing and shaping by hand plus learning to form
>the formerly commonplace but now often neglected or even negated need
>for clasps.
>All workshops taking place in rural North Idaho amonst rustic dwellings,
>slightly different than how we grew up - comfortable camping at the same
>site as the "Technology of the Medieval Book" workshop.
>Paper - May 8-11, 1998, 4 days, $280
>Fiber - May 13-15, 1998, 3 days, $175
>Tools - May 17-19, 1998, 3 days, $175 (and at PBI, June 10-14, 1998)
>Boards and Clasps - May 21-24, 1998, 4 days, $240
>Meals lovingly served in our outdoor kitchen in the garden by Melody
>Eckroth Croft and descendants - she's practiced at meeting dietary
>Jim Croft
>Traditional Hand
>P.O. Box 211
>Santa, ID, 83866


Linda M. Wilson
Greenwich Academy, 200 N. Maple, Greenwich, CT 06830
FAX 203.625.8991

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