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Re: Artists book

Peter said:

>In traditional bookwork it's much easier and more socially acceptable to be
>hard on poor workmanship, in art, and I sense it more with the "artist's
>book" scene it doesn't seem as acceptable.
What I find is often the case with "book-artists" is their disdain for
craftsmanship and a well-engineered book. It's as if well-made books are
disqualified from being considered as an "artist's book" because the person
making said object is merely a craftsperson and incapable of art.

The conventional wisdom of much of the book arts scene is that art requires
breaking rules and overthrowing the oppression of unimaginative convention.
The problem with this attitude, besides being conventional anarchy is that
it denies that there are a variety of vocabularies for expression within
the broad, elastic term "artist's book." I have found that many people rely
on arrogance and hype to legitimize their efforts, thus inhibiting a
dialogue amongst artists and craftspeople.

I commend Peter on setting a friendly tone for this discussion, it's been
enjoyable reading since the rancor has been left out of the mix.


Nicholas G. Yeager 51 Warren St.#2 NY, NY 10007 212.346.9609

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