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Dear Art & All:

Sorry, but I am  truly NOT skeptical about the coming electronic book.  It will

evolve into something we will eventually accept just as the scroll people

got used to turning pages instead of unrolling them.

We'll take our electronic book to the beach and float around on inflatibles

reading . (They wont take a dunking any better than what we now call a REAL

book.)  The turning of the pages will be quite like that of a real book and

we will be able to go back and forth at the push of a button.  The advantage,

supposedly, will be in having  so much information at our fingertips (while out

in our boat or up in the mountains, or sitting in our living room.)  No doubt

the internet and all other forms of communication will be  connected, too, and

a portable printer, fax and copier ( which has already melded into one).

Look into the crystal ball:  Next..........will come  a little teeny weenie chip

 that we'll insert into a teeny weenie slot behind our ear.  The little chip

will contain  perhaps the library of congress and we'll be able to access it at

our convenience and interact with it -  brain to chip. And all other forms

of communication will be  connected.  Etc.

This is not skepticism.  It's just the way things are goin' and are gonna' be.

And no one loves musty, deteriorating, rag paper book dinosaurs  better than I.

(or is it me?)


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