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Re: Bks abt aligning text

And these can be augmented in creative ways by Keith Smith's book on Text
in the Book Format (not sure I have the title right here).

charles a

At 01:58 PM 3/7/98 EST, you wrote:
>I haven't been reading book arts posts for a few weeks now, so forgive me
if I
>don't quite understand what you mean by "how to align text in books." The
>Bringhurst book is excellent -- I constantly refer to it for typographic
>questions -- make sure you get the second edition if you work w/ digital
>He does include a section on how to design a page -- layout text, margins,
>etc. Robin Williams' book is good for developing an overall visual acumen &
>analyzing the visual effectiveness of a page (card, ad, etc). Hers is more
>oriented towards commercial graphic design. If your interest is book design,
>then take a look at Adrian Wilson's _The Design of Books_ , Jan Tschichold's
>_The Form of Books_, & if you're working w/ poetry, try to find a copy (most
>likely in a library's special collections) of Clifford's Burke's _Printing
>Poetry_ where he has a good discussuion of design issues.

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