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Re: urinal and duchamp

Jennifer, You have very cleverly pasted the smile of the Mona Lisa upon
Duchamp's face in your points 3-5. M.D. would be pleased, I think, but he also
might point out that he rather believed the urinal deserved to be taken
seriously as art, regardless of the willingness of other viewers to see it his
way. He really intended to infuriate (there's another phrase for this) the
materialistic minded in a rather savage way, and did inspire other younger
artists, including William Wegman whose best artist's book (imho) was floating
a sequence of big styrofoam commas down the Wisconsin <?> River, when he was at


On Mar 6, 11:15am, Jennifer Vignone wrote:
> Subject: urinal and duchamp
> In regard to the whole urinal thing...isn't the comment being made by
> Duchamp putting his name on a urinal and putting it in an exhibit a
> combination of:
> 1. I'm an artist and I say this is art so it is.
> 2. I'm an artist, but this is just a toilet, so if I say it's art, it is.
> 3. I'm an artist, but this is just a toilet, so if I say it's art, is it?
> 4. I'm an artist, but this is just a toilet, will you allow me to define it
> as art for you simply because I say so?
> 5. This is a toilet, make up your own mind. But at least I got you to think.
>         and if this was the thought process, and he was the first to do
> such a thing--he was a genius (at least I think so)...then it is art...at
> least to me...because it's more than just the urninal..it is the entire
> process...at least in this case...and at the time in art history when this
> occurred....Art can take on many forms.
> In Duchamp's case, he himself, as an individual, was a work of art.
> just my opinion,
> jennifer
>-- End of excerpt from Jennifer Vignone

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