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Re: Artists book

I feel I must write in defense of those BSO's (book-shaped objects), since
I make them. My definition of not just the artists book, but book in
general is an object which contains. It begins in one form and through
the manipulation of the viewer/reader takes on another form. In other
words, the object undergoes a physical transformation when someone attempts
to "read" it. Since this definition could include many things which I
would not consider a book, I would also have to include in this that it
has to do with intention (on the part of the maker and the viewer). Is the
viewer approaching the object with the intention of "reading" it? But
then, we may have to get into a discussion about the definition of
"reading". I'll conclude by saying that what one might think of as a book,
or an artist's book, another might not, based on intention.

Yara Cluver (Bloomington, IN).

On Thu, 5 Mar 1998, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:

> Yeah I know and I'm a masochist too. I have my set ideas which I'm clinging
> to with increasing fervor and at the same time trying to be open about
> things. Comes from working with art students. I need to tell a group of
> students what an "artists book" is. Figured this would be the place to get
> the broad spectrum.
> Distinction I've already seen consistency in is:
> artists book vs. livre d'artiste
> Now about those BSOs (book shaped objects)... Come on, does anyone
> seriously believe they're books? (yes, I'm baiting here, but be articulate,
> and above all, civil). NOTE: This isn't directed at anyone in particular.
> Peter
> At 08:30 PM 3/4/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >Ohhhhhhh Peter! I feel a can of worms coming on!
> >
> >Pat
> >
> >
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