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color xerox transfer

In response to Denise Carbones' question about color xerox transfer-
you might try putting Citrusolve(spelling?)-a health food store cleaning
product, on the color photocopy and then putting the copy face down on the
paper and rubbing with a brayer or rubber spoon (possibly with newsprint
covering the xerox).  Also works well on a small etching press.  It takes
practice but yields interesting results..not always exact but usually
intriguing.  If it's too soupy, try less.  Some photocopy machines yield
better results than others-it's an inexact process.  There are also
processes involving coating with matte medium, sticking to the paper, and
then pulling the backing away, leaving the ink adhering-but I forget the
details.    The citrusolve leaves a very strong lemony smell for quite a
while. You could also try photocopying onto mylar or denril and then putting
that transparency over paper that sits behind it.     Barbara Valenta

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