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Re: Artists book

I agree with Nicholas, who said the first paragraph. I know from experience
that it is not _all_ book artists as there are many who care deeply about
the craft aspect, but I also think that what Nicholas said is just a
general feeling which abounds in some circles which seem to be very
dominant. as a student of both the craft and the art, we had many artists
in to talk to us and I found it a frequent (and depressing) attitude.
however, it is not all the artists!! I think that generalizations have a
place, as long as it is understood there are lots of exceptions.

I do not like the solution of book object for myself because I find it
tends to take away from the intimacy and concept of a book. an object is to
be looked at, not read, interacted with, held and touched and handled. not
always, obviously, but I find people have a very scared attitude to what is
perceived as Art (whatever that is). whereas if it is on the level of a
book, a common object which we all handle, people might be more adventurous
(?) about interacting with it. my interest in this art form is the intimacy
and privacy and secretivness of it, even big, open books.


>What I find is often the case with "book-artists" is their disdain for
>craftsmanship and a well-engineered book. It's as if well-made books are
>disqualified from being considered as an "artist's book" because the person
>making said object is merely a craftsperson and incapable of art.
>This is a pretty sweeping and inaccurate statement.  I don't think i've EVE=
>run across a situation where someone is saying, "oh, that's too well- made =
>be art!"
>Keeping an open mind does NOT automatically cancel out an appreciation for
>craft or even (gulp) beauty.  There ain't nothing wrong with poetry that
>BTW, I personally get around some of this mess (for those who REALLY NEED t=
>know exactly what it is they're seeing before forming their own opinion) by
>calling much of my work Book Objects.  And, as stretchy as they may get in
>their "book-ness", they are well- crafted, often employing very traditional
>bench technigues..
>Melissa Jay Craig, Chicago


        =8A Say that a hut,

        south facing in the hundred-mile winds,
        comprises ten thousand terrified hunks of stone.

                from "Sonnet for Constituents Not Permitted"
                        _Arms wide, eyes open_  by Annie Stenzel
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